• Moldes Catarino has the ability to manufacture molds until 16 Tons with maximum measures of 2000mm x 1300mm. Investing in the best technologies, the company has, among others, the capacity of producing molds with two or more types of materials (2K molds).
  • In the production stage, Moldes Catarino’s main focus is the development of the entire process in a demanding way and fulfilling the time schedule in order to obtain right at the first try-out test a result very close to the final mold/product. Moldes Catarino has the capability to test the mold and to do pre-series.


Moldes Catarino is specialized in the production of precision molds for the plastic industry.

  1. Ambition

    Aware of the increasing challenges, we identify the new technologies and skills as a guarantee of difference, assuming ambitiously an attitude of constant entrepreneurship.

  2. Innovation

    Moldes Catarino cooperates with the customer in a pro-active and dynamic way in order to obtain technological and functional solutions that allows us to achieve the best results and overcome the challenges.

  3. Trust

    Acting ethically in the business relationships and in partnerships guiding our work with honesty and transparency, respecting all commitments promised.

  4. Excellence

    We observe all our work in a critical way, so that we can identify the aspects that need to be improved, to exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations

  5. Professionalism

    We believe in the continuous strengthening of the functional and technological skills and competences of our team, in order to sustain the effectiveness and accuracy of our processes and products.